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We are a health and lifestyle coaching center located in Creedmoor, North Carolina. Not in the area? That’s ok! We offer remote services by Zoom and Phone.

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Meet Coach Veronica (Ronni)

After spending 20+ years in different corporate cultures and working her way up the ladder in several companies, Veronica
decided that she wanted to have a career that would follow her into retirement. She is passionate about health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition, and has spent years learning holistic nutrition, working with a personal trainer and reading textbooks.

“After several years of struggling with my relationship with food and body image, I became intrigued by the world of alternative medicine, food as medicine, and herbal remedies. I enrolled in
the Clayton College of Natural Healing as a Holistic Nutrition major in an attempt to discover more about the human body,
digestion, metabolism, and its function as a whole.”


I went into health coaching focused on weight loss. Through my journey, I did lose a few pounds, but more importantly, I learned that I really just needed tips to be healthier, and I came to so much peace with where I am.
The strategies my coach taught me will stay with me, and contribute to an overall sense of well being which is the most important thing. Veronica was exceptionally encouraging and supportive. She was focused on helping me dig deep to discover my real goals, and helped me to achieve them. This was different from my expectation that a coach would have goals for me. It was really an incredible experience.

Before I started this program, I felt defeated with my health that I wasn’t ever going to be able to make a change, because I didn’t find what worked for me. This program helped me figure out what is best for my body and set goals to achieve what I wanted to do to help my health. I’m so glad I did this, and I will know what I need to keep doing to keep working on myself!

I highly recommend working with Veronica. She takes the time to help you to dig deep and examine your habits, choices, and underlying roadblocks to change. She gives lots of practical tips, while also helping you with the psychological aspect of developing a healthy mindset and meeting your goals. I learned a lot from her coaching and appreciated her positive and encouraging approach.

I participated in the 90 day transformation, and this experience has been the best decision I have ever made! I achieved my goals and learned so much about myself and living a healthy lifestyle. I used to dread working out, eating healthy/dieting, and depriving myself of my favorite things in order to lose weight, and Veronica has shown me how to do it while enjoying it! My new lifestyle now allows me to be more energized, productive, and confident!

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