If you’ve been described in your position as any – or all – of the following:

“Capable of a lot of hard work”

“Always willing to help”

“A fountain of knowledge”

“Excellent sounding board”

“An awesome resource”

You might find yourself dealing with something I call “Professional Purgatory”. If you’re not there yet, super! Maybe I can save a soul or two.

Here’s the thing. You’re so valuable where you are that moving up could be perceived as harmful to the company, division, department or team. So you’re stuck.

You actually have TWO problems:

  1. You are TOO GOOD at what you do

  2. You are stuck in your COMFORT ZONE

I hear you now – “What are you talking about? You’re crazy! I’m stressed, anxious, tired, not sleeping and having brain fog – this is NOT comfortable”

Logically, you’d be right.  But sit back and look at yourself from outside yourself for a moment. I think you’ll have to agree.

If you’re really happy in your job right now, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. If that’s the case, maybe you know someone who is currently nailing it. Showing up every day, kicking butts and taking names…and on the outside, doing a great job! Maybe this IS you, and you love what you do – you’re so good at your job you can’t imagine doing anything else. Everyone says so – they’re always raving about how much you know – and do – and help – and so on. They’re impressed that regardless of this terrible economy, you’re making quota. You’re leading your whole team to success!

If this is you, stop reading. Now. Have a great day!

If, on the other hand, you are indeed hearing all these things and are admittedly doing a “good” job, then why aren’t you happy? Why are you overwhelmed? Why can’t you get out of your own way? Why can’t you just do it – exercise! Why can’t you just eat a salad once in a while? What is it with these new wrinkles all of a sudden?

Why do you feel so underappreciated? Where is that raise I’ve been told I deserve? Why am I suddenly interpreting this praise as patronizing and becoming suspicious of ulterior motives? What happened to my boundaries?

Welcome. This is Professional Purgatory. And, you’re not alone! This happens to many high-performing, overachieving executives who put unrealistic expectations on themselves. Your high standards of yourself have proven to make you an exemplary employee!

Let’s look at some reasons why staying here can do more harm than good.

  1. Physiologically, you’re sabotaging your health. Stress hormones, sleep deprivation, substandard nutrition and lack of movement are a recipe for disaster. You are unwittingly putting yourself at risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke even obesity! It’s a fact. According to Dr. Mladen Globuic, MD. PhD from the Cleveland Clinic, 80% of chronic diseases are driven by lifestyle choices like diet and exercise. Stress plays an equally important role. It’s important to take care of your body – and even more important when you have the high stress of a demanding career.
  2. Your “Can-DO” attitude is keeping you stuck in your position. If you are so good at your job, how (or why) would they ever replace you? You have single-handedly pigeon-holed yourself into your own little box. You’re minimizing your chances for promotion, growth and advancement. You might even be limiting your earning potential. Without a title change or any other kind of movement, you’re looking at the next 20 years at a measly 3% cost-of-living increase. Of course, you “could” take on even more responsibility and receive an occasional “bone”.
  3. Personally, you will suffer. Your relationship and private life will suffer. Who wants to spend time with a grouch? Your discontent will bubble to the surface and you will snap at loved ones, refuse invitations to socialize and basically isolate (even more than the requirement caused by a pandemic). Furthermore, your irritation could even show its face at the office. Since you have so much experience and expertise, your opinions might become more free-flowing and you start pointing out the flaws within the company’s processes, procedures and policies. You may even demonstrate on more than one occasion your alacrity in the use of the “F’ bomb – at inordinately high volumes! That should draw some attention!

When you suddenly realize that you’re out of alignment with what you deem to be your life’s purpose irritation and resentments set in.

This all sounds very glum and hopeless, but there is a solution.

What if I told you that you don’t have to go down this route? Even if you’re already here, there’s hope!

There are ways to develop better habits to handle your stress. You CAN align a career with your mission in life. You CAN do it with more energy, less stress and better sleep. Your overall outlook will change. Your mindset will improve. You can reclaim your success – have a career AND a life!

As a Certified Life and Health Coach, I help high-performers like you, who are stuck in their career path. I work one on one, using a proprietary formula to help you push through the obstacles, handle the struggles and find a healthier way to have personal satisfaction – even joy – in your life!

I’m inviting you to a complementary Coaching Breakthrough call to discuss where you are and where you want to be. Clarify that goal and develop a high-level plan for you to be on your way. There’s no obligation, I am happy to be in a position to help people like you – who are already or may be headed to a place that I’ve been, so I can teach you ways to get out of it or detour around it before it’s too late!


I am Coach Ronni, from Veronica’s Wellness Secrets. I work with career professionals, sharing techniques, tips and “secrets” that help you have that life you’ve always wanted -professional fulfillment combined with personal satisfaction. It can be achieved, with guidance, support and accountability from a coach like me.

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