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I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a Health Coach because I have been passionate about health, wellness, fitness and eating right since I was a teenager. As a gymnast and dancer I had to keep in shape, but was only told – not taught how to do that. I read plenty of fashion, fitness and sports magazines depicting healthy women as slim, toned and beautiful. There was so much conflicting information about how to achieve the goal of being skinny, beautiful and popular that caused me to make many mistakes. As a result I struggled with body image and self-confidence for all of my teenage years and into my 20’s. I followed all the advice and recommendations but could never quite look like the women on the covers of those magazines! I was on the diet roller-coaster – getting chubby then slim, then too skinny and back to heavy again. Round and round I went – trying different solutions – some not very healthy.

After several years of struggling with my relationship with food and body image, I became intrigued by the world of alternative medicine, food as medicine, and herbal remedies. I enrolled in the Clayton College of Natural Healing as a Holistic Nutrition major in an attempt to discover more about the human body, digestion, metabolism, and its function as a whole.

Even after years of studying – making a concerted effort to educate myself about the right way to achieve my “standards” – I struggled with making healthy choices. Although I considered my nutrition education as a hobby, I always wanted to help others find the right path for themselves.

After an unexpected turn of events in my career at a local corporation, I made a decision to switch career paths and become an official. I enrolled in the Health Coach Institute to acquire Certification in Health and Nutrition as well as Life Coaching. I am on a journey to fulfill my life-long goal of educating others with documented, scientifically-proven strategies so they don’t have to figure it all alone.

I spent more than 25 years in sales in corporate environments. I sold everything from yellow pages to sales training to digital advertising. I became a sales trainer and really helped people learn and grow – which I found amazingly rewarding! Over time, I climbed my way up the ladder to management, and while I enjoyed sales and leadership immensely, I found working in corporate culture to be a challenge. Navigating the stress of constant demands, office politics, hectic schedules, travel, meetings, financial responsibilities – without control over any of it is a 24/7 commitment that started to result in health issues. I experienced weight gain, weight loss, anxiety and depression. I fell into some behaviors that resulted in some long-term residual issues I will live with forever.

Fortunately, I leaned on my passion for health to stave off many of the problems others face today and came out on the other side in pretty good shape and with my sanity intact. I am one of the lucky ones!

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Now, with my certification from Health Coach Institute and The Nutritious Life Studio, along with the skills and knowledge gained in the roles of teacher, trainer and leader, I can share everything I learned with those of you still struggling in that sea of obstacles. Here are a few nuggets:

  • Never stop learning, be a life-long student!
  • Knowledge is power but it’s not enough – if you want change, you must take action.
  • Everyone makes mistakes – accept it – own up to your part in the situation and learn from it.
  • Acceptance is key. Know that you can’t control everything, in fact you can’t control anything!
  • Sometimes you just have to let things play out and see how it goes.
  • Embrace your personal power. Use it to motivate you to take empowered action.
  • The support and guidance of a good mentor or coach is priceless!

I’ve got a lot of knowledge I am ready to share! My goal is to help YOU – identify where and why – you’re stuck, help articulate your personal and professional goals, present you with options, and work with you to achieve your outcome. Together, we discover what you need to achieve lasting change. When you change your habits- you can change your life!

I will customize for you the right steps in the right order, I will wrap it with support – and hold you accountable – so you can be successful.

In our coaching programs, whether it is for life, career, health, weight loss or disease prevention, we will analyze your current situation, experiment with food balance, source and timing. We will address your work habits and help you streamline your day so you have less stress. We help you learn best habits to prevent the lifestyle diseases that are so prevalent in this country, including Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Disease. Stress is a killer, it is important to learn how to deal with it in healthy ways!

More About Coach Ronni

In addition to Health, Nutrition and Life certifications, I spent years studying Holistic Nutrition so I am able to offer meal plans or educate you on a specific eating plan if you desire.

Healthy living involves the WHOLE body, so Veronica’s Wellness Secrets also represents an awesome skin care company that uses only plants and minerals to power the results you expect with department-store or pharmaceutical skin care products. Alywillow products are made with expertise in anti-aging, acne and correcting sun damage. In addition, we carry specialized medicinal grade products to help with conditions like psoriasis and eczema – even MRSA and shingles! Hop on over to my Skin Care page to learn more about Alywillow. We are locally female owned, operated and produced – right here in Raleigh!

I love helping people – I have a vast resource at my fingertips full of helpful handouts, processes, tips, tricks and basically…”SECRETS”

My training, experience and expertise can help you meet your goals, and I look forward to meeting you and guiding you in your journey

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