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Questions Commonly Asked about Health and Life Coaching

Isn’t hiring a coach an extravagant luxury? The expense is as much as a mortgage payment!

Great question! We are pretty sure nobody wakes up in the morning and exclaims “I think I need to hire a Life Coach!” It isn’t always on the radar of the general public. However, if you have ever used a coach before, you know it was a fantastic decision and you’ll be likely to tell your friends. If you’ve never used a coach before, then yes it can seem costly. The thing you want to think about is this, coaching is a way for you to reach a goal (or two or three) that you really want to reach. You may have already tried it by yourself and even think you know what to do, but you just haven’t done it yet. The reality is that if you really knew what to do, you’d have this thing already.

Doesn’t working with a coach take up a lot of my time?

It depends. Normally the one-on-one coaching time is about an hour per week. You may have some homework or action steps. It’s not like going to school where you have hours and hours of after-class work. It can be what you want it to be. Most coaches are able to adjust your program to your needs and wants to make it easier or harder as you dictate. What you want to remember is that you will get out of it what you put in.

How long will it take?

That depends upon what you’re trying to achieve. If you have one big goal, such as lose 15 pounds or learn how to better communicate with my team, then it may take just a couple of months. If you have a compound goal such as improve my communication skills, learn how to handle conflict and meet my quota it might take several months. On average, we start with a 3-month commitment. Once you’ve accomplished what you set out to, we can part ways. You will take with you all the tools, resources and exercises we practiced during our time together. If on the other hand, you may have met your goal(s) but a new one came up, we can certainly continue on together to head in a new direction!

Do I have to become a Vegetarian or follow any type of specific eating plan (for Health Coaching)?

Do you WANT to become a Vegetarian, or transition to a new eating plan? If that’s what you want, we can certainly help you accomplish it! We can help transition someone to a Vegan diet, Vegetarian diet, Mediterranean style, Paleo, Keto and more. There are many different diets out there (100+). Our job is to help you decide what food is right for your unique body, not to force a specific program on you. We have many methods to discover what is right for you to eat, address food sensitivities and/or food allergies, etc. We have certificates from The Nutritious Life Studio (with Keri Glassman) and have studied Holistic Nutrition at the Clayton School of Natural Healing. We have access to a lot of information to help inform you.

Do you accept insurance?

Thank you for asking! We are not in a position to accept health insurance, as we are not medical practitioners or MDs. We are coaches who are trained to coach, support and guide you. We do not diagnose or treat any diseases.

Must we do Zoom? Can’t we just talk on the phone?

If you prefer to talk on the phone instead of using Zoom, that’s perfectly fine! We have many clients who have worked with us over the phone and they have had awesome results. Face to face is not a requirement to have a good experience.

How is a coach different from a therapist?

Wow! That is a good question! On the most basic level, a therapist will work with you to address issues, traumas and experiences that occurred in the past and help you deal with them. A coach will work with you on your future, what you want to change, how you want to feel, what you want to experience, etc. By the way, many coaches will work with your therapist. If you would want to make an introduction and give permission, we would be happy to consult with any of your medical practitioners.

I work a full day. Are you able to meet with me before or after work?

We do our best to accommodate your schedule, and do have slots early in the morning and early evening, along with the occasional availability on weekends. As long as we have the time available, we would welcome you to meet with us at your convenience.

Will I have to buy all organic i.e., expensive food?

Certain foods are more important to source organic, while others are innately cleaner. The choice is ultimately yours. Of course, there are other options such as local farms, Community Supported Agriculture groups, etc. Local farmers may produce organic food but haven’t received accreditation, because it’s very expensive. There are many considerations, no hard and fast rule.

What about workouts? Do I have to join a gym or buy expensive equipment?

Do you WANT to join a gym or outfit a home gym? If so, we can help you or point you in the direction of someone in your vicinity who can. However if that’s not what you want, then we have other options. We might make some suggestions for a few small items that would help your movement, but they won’t cost much and we can always make alternate recommendations such as soup cans instead of dumbbells. We are huge fans of walking outside and that’s free. An investment in a good pair of walking shoes might be in order to prevent injury.

Is it important to interview a coach I am considering?

In my opinion, it is one of THE most important steps in ensuring you make an informed decision! First, there needs to be a level of rapport. We need to “get” each other in order to work as closely together as we will over the next weeks and months. Second, the expertise of the coach should align with the needs of the client. A client who wants to lift weights and build muscle should ensure he/she is hiring a coach certified in personal training. If someone wants help navigating the waters of corporate America, it would be great if the coach spent some time in a similar set of circumstances. These questions should be answered openly and honestly by your potential coach. Trust your gut. We do!

How many goals will I be able to achieve if I work with a coach?

It depends upon what the goals are, how much you’ve achieved thus far and what is your motivation. Sometimes, you start to work toward a goal and experience a shift that might mean you change your path. We have had this happen more than once. The exercises, techniques and tools we use in our coaching are transformational. One habit change could change your whole outlook on life! Typically, we ask clients to identify three (3) outcomes to work toward, then we prioritize them. There are times we achieve all three, add more to the list and accomplish them all in a 12-week timeframe!

What if I need and want to hire a coach, but my spouse/partner is not supportive of the expense?

This is a tricky situation. We often work with women on defining boundaries, self-awareness, empathy and managing conflict. In our initial complimentary session, it would be good to raise this topic so we can dig in to determine the basis of the objection as you interpret it. If coaching is something you want and you have solid goals that we are confident we can help you achieve, we will give you ideas and language to use when you have that conversation with that person. We find that many people find a way to make things happen that are important to them. If your spouse or partner recognizes the passion with which you are ready to approach this journey, you will likely successfully address their concerns and get their blessing.

I’m so busy already – work, kids, chores, coordinating schedules, exercise – when would I possibly have time to meet with a coach every week? It’s a big commitment!

You are not alone! In fact, many female professionals are juggling all that, and more!
A normal weekly coaching session is 45 to 60 minutes. We are available early morning and early evening on certain days and have a couple of slots available on Saturdays. You don’t even have to be in front of a computer screen – we can talk by phone. Before we even move forward with a coaching program, we will have an initial Breakthrough call to identify what you want to achieve and get to know each other. I ask a sequence of questions designed to determine if coaching is right for you. If you wouldn’t benefit from a Life or Health Coach, it will become apparent. But if you will benefit, and we decide to move forward, with the transformation you’ll achieve in 12 short weeks, you’ll be glad you took the chance.

I pretty much think I’ve been through the gamut. I’ve taken many on-line webinars in organization, relaxation techniques, office politics and more. What would coaching with VWS do for me that all those free on-line courses couldn’t?

First let me congratulate you on your effort to make a significant change on your own! We agree, there are several helpful resources on the internet for free that can teach you everything from knitting to fly fishing. What the webinars and courses miss is the personal touch, customization and live sessions. Whether we’re coaching together one-on-one or in a small group setting, you still get us live – working for you on your specific goals. Veronica’s Wellness Secrets does not employ cookie-cutter sessions. Each client receives something unique. That’s one benefit of utilizing our services. Second, we have real-life experience in the niche we serve. We’ve spent 25 years in corporate settings, have experience in sales, management, training, project management, personal finance and more. From the health perspective we are 100% committed to keeping current on our education around nutrition, supplements, exercise, food and habits. With certification in coaching, we studied the foundation of health specifically with coaching in mind so we can help people look and feel better.

What makes Veronica’s Wellness Secrets Life and Health Coaching different from other coaches?

We spend time educating and training you how- even why to do things differently. The practices, techniques and exercises we utilize are based in science, proven to deliver the desired effect. We provide you with relevant tools and resources that are instrumental in your transformation and they are yours to take with you. We help you develop habits that become automatic so you can BE different without thinking about being different.
If you want to make changes, it is important to make them in small, incremental steps that build over time – so at the end of our time together – you have everything you need to continue, on your own. We are teaching you “how” to hunt, rather than just giving you the animal.

Where are you located?

We are located in North Carolina and offer our services remotely, so you can be from anywhere and still sign up for a session!

How can I schedule an appointment?

To schedule a consultation or appointment, visit our Contact page.

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